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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 21, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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.. an american citizen described as an anal qaeda sympathizer is behind bars. his targets post offices, police stations, even u.s. servicemen and women back from iraq and afghanistan. we are live in washington this morning with the latest on the investigation and the suspect. no deal. that's what lawmakers on the congressional super committee are saying after attempts to come up with a but that compromise fall short. we will tell you what is behind this latest failure on capitol hill as today's deadline looms. outrage in california after police officers pepper spray a group of students protesting during a peaceful demonstration at uc davis. this morning, two of those officers put on leaves and now
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for calls for the chancellor to resign. actress mila kunis makes good on his promise and heads to the marine ball after asked to the big event via youtube. we will talk to sergeant scott more about his daring request and get details on the date" early" this mofnday morning, november 21st, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good monday morning to you. i'm erica hill. >> i'm jeff glor. chris wragge is off this morning. we begin with the eight rest by new york city police. >> cbs news homeland security correspondent bob orr joins us from washington this morning with those details. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. new york officials describe the suspect in question as jose pimentel, a classic lone wolf.
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they said he had no real connections to any international terrorists but now accused of plotting a home-grown one-man bombing campaign inspired by lked. pimentel appeared in manhattan court late sunday night and arraigned on terrorism charges. >> over two years ago, the new york city police department became aware of a follower of the radical cleric anwar al awlaki. >> reporter: awlaki's death accelerated pimentel's alleged plot. a convert to islam, he lived in this building in northern manhattan. he's accused of planning to try out his pipe bombs on mailboxes with his ultimate target police stations and patrol cars as well as u.s. soldiers returning from iraq and afghanistan. >> the suspect was a so-called lone wolf motivated by his own resentment of the presence of american troops in iraq and
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afghanistan, as well as inspired by al qaeda propaganda. >> reporter: the online al qaeda magazine inspire recently published an article how to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. it inspired pimentel who held bomb making sessions in the apartment of an informant who was working with new york police. officials displayed a video of the kind of damage the bombs might have caused. >> we had to act quickly yesterday, because he was, in fact, putting this bomb together. >> reporter: pimentel's website true islam one includes posting supporting his belief in jihad. his alleged target new york remains at the top of the terrorist wish list. including such high profile arrests like those of failed times square bomber and najeh najehburkes, llah zasi.
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pimentel is said krged changing his name to osama hussein. this morning, he is held without bail in new york. it's interesting. the fbi which normally handles terror cases was not at all involved in this one. and privately some federal officials have are questioning the strength evident case. >> how much of a threat did he pose? >> pimentel was constantly under the watch of new york police. in that sense very little chance he could have carried out any kind of bombing. and the size of explosives he was said to be building would not have caused any widespread damage, but the biggest concern here is this case yet again illustrates there are some people living out in our midst who want to do harm in the name of terrorists and al qaeda. >> bob orr, thanks. after months of meetings it appears likely a so-called super committee will not be able to reach an agreement to cut the deficit by midnight tonight. >> and we have two reports on
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this for you this morning. we start with bill plante. the reaction from the white house. actually, we start on capitol hill. sorry. congressional correspondent nancy cordes is bus onwith us on the latest. >> reporter: we expect the formal announcement that the super committee is closing up shop without a deal to cut the debt. these 12 lawmakers were given unprecedented power, tremendous political cover, and they still couldn't bridge the divide. even the leaders of the super committee admit they are on the verge of failure. >> nobody wants to give up hope. reality is to some extent starting to overtake hope. >> reporter: not surprisingly the two sides have differing explanations for the breakdown. the six democrats say it was the republicans insistence on making the bush era tax cuts permanent as part of the deal. democrats argue those cuts primarily benefited the wealthy. >> we are not a tax cutting committee. we're a deficit reduction
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committee. >> reporter: the six republicans contend democrats were more focused on raising taxes than on trimming medicare and medicaid the biggest drivers of the debt. >> in washington there's a group of folks that will not cut a dollar unless we also raise taxes. >> reporter: the super committee was tasked with devising a plan to save $1.2 trillion. that is just a fraction of the 4 trillion experts say is the minimum that must be cut in order to start to ease the burden of a ballooning $15 trillion national debt. . the super committee met in private for months was seen as the best chance to break the gridlock on capitol hill after a debt deal between congressional leaders and the president fell apart this summer. >> there were 12 members of this committee put enormous amount of time and effort trying to accomplish something. it's not too late yet. it's still possible to reach an agreement, but it's going to be tough, given where the clock is. >> reporter: by law, the failure
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of the super committee will trigger automatic, across the board, spending cuts to nearly every government program of up to 10%. but those cuts do not go into effect for 13 months and some lawmakers hope that they can figure out some more intelligent way to cut the debt between now and then. erica? >> nancy, thanks very much. that would be something. i'll take it. it's jeff. president obama is back at the white house after a nine-day trip to the asia and pacific region. mitt romney faulted mr. obama for not more involved in pushing the super committee to a deal. bill plante has more on that. what is the white house's role at this point. >> reporter: you will not be surprised to learn that the president and his staff has deliberately refused to play on this. all they say, hey the president made detailed in september. the white house put out a statement admonishing them for kicking the can down the road and says congress needs to its
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job here and make the kind of tough choices to live within its means that american families make every day. safe to say in the absence of a real debt deal, which of course they would like to have the administration couldn't be happier it is failing because they will try to blame it all on the republicans going into the election year. >> by most accounts the president had a fairly successful asian trip. is there a continuing sense of frustration on the part of the white house things can get done overseas but things can't get done in washington or is it -- >> i think the president had a good week overseas but foreign policy is not at the top of the list for most americans. even though he set up a couple of trade deals and said he would establish a u.s. presence in south asia to counter the chinese. it comes back to the same old same old when he comes back here. sure there is frustration but at the same time, they are kind of proud of what they did last
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week. >> bill plante at the white house, thank you. many believe the man responsible for the deadlock in washington is grover norquist. he managed to get nearly every republican in congress to sign the pledge. that is a pledge to oppose any and all new taxes. steve kroft asked norquist about the hold he has over the gop on last night's "60 minutes." >> a lot of people think you're the most powerful man in washington. >> the tax issue is the most powerful issue in american politics going back to the tea party. people say, oh, grover norquist has power. no, they focus on the tax issue. the tax issue is a powerful issue. >> and grover norquist joins us this morning from washington. good to have you with us. in the american people's mind as we look at congress and the way the approval rating has continued to plummet essentially over the last few months, for a lot of people this is a failure the fact the super committee
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cannot come to some sort of agreement on what to cut here. to you though, is it a success in that your side technically that you're backing or either side didn't give in? >> two things. the goal was to reduce spending $1.2 trillion. if they don't agree to do it they come up in $1.2 trillion in spending cuts you go to automatic spending cuts across the board so taxpayers are protected $1.2 trillion will be saved. what the democrats wanted to do was raise taxes to pay for the $10 trillion in higher debt that obama is spending over the last two years created. we are trying to undo a spending mess. the only way to spend less is to spend less. the democrats want to raise taxes to pay for obama's larger government. the two parties don't agree. >> is there ever going to be a case where the two parties can agree? is there any situation? i mean, this is a pretty bad financial situation for this country and it's not getting any better.
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and without any compromise, any working together it doesn't appear that is going to happen. could there ever be a situation where the sides could come together? both sides giving a little bit? >> well, that's already happened. remember, the republicans and the house of representatives passed paul ryan's budget which over the next ten years, reduces obama's overing by $6 trillion. $6 trillion in less spending. what the republicans and obama agreed to in august was $2.5 trillion in less spending. so there has been a tremendous compromise. republicans wanted to reduce obama's debt by $6 trillion. they agreed. okay we will only do 2.5 trillion and now the democrats are trying to fight not to do all of the 2 and a half but there is a big promise because the democrats want to spend more. the republicans have brought that down a little bit. but not enough. >> not enough compromise. a couple of things that you talked with steve kroft about last night. we just heard from you in that bite the most powerful issue and this is the most powerful issue in american politics.
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you said, i'm quoting here talking about how many people you've gotten to sign this pledge and how it's helped them, as you say, if they sign it and keep it they win the primary and win the general and get to govern and i've helped make all of this possible. if this is about governing and if this is about keeping the seats in congress and pushing forward with this pledge there is still not a lot done in washington even with some of the compromise. so why nont push those people to maybe do a little bit more? >> well, of course look. the democrats have spent a great deal of money. bush spent too much and the democrats put it in hyperdrive adding drills in just a few years to the debt things that used to take us decades or a hundred years to do. we need to bring that spending down. the democrats want to get the republicans to raise taxes to pay for their higher spending. the republican party has said over the last 20s years werntinged going to raise taxes and focus on spending so that is
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the difference between the two parties. if you want higher taxes and more spending vote for the democrats. if you want less spending and lower taxes you vote for the republicans. it's clear they are going in different directions and the taxpayer protection pledge allows voters to know who a candidate is. will only three democrats have made that commitment in writing. almost all of the republicans have nationally but 13 governors have taken that pledge and 1,300 state legislators. anyone who is running for office, ask them if they have taken the pledge and if you want higher taxes, don't vote for the pledge takers. if you want lower taxes, vote for someone who has taken the pledge. >> grover norquist, thanks for your time this morning. >> sure. terrell brown has taken our news pledge and joins us now. 13 minutes past the hour. terrell terrell, good morning. >> good morning to you. the embattled chancellor of university of california davis will meet with student leaders and discuss campus police using
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pepper spry on nonoccupy protesters. happened on friday. two uc davis police officers sprayed the seated students and they locked arms and had refused to move. the two officers have been put on administrative leave. a task force will investigate the incident. on saturday there were loud calls from students for chancellor linda katechi to resign. she does not plan to step down. howman was born in the netherlands in harlem and exact circumstances of his death are unclear. dutch police say howman's brother has been arrested. he was 24 years old. if you thought your commute was rough, take a look at this. a los angeles road is gone. huge chunk of the oceanside highway collapsed during the a storm on sunday and slid into the sea. the road had been closed since last spring. no one was hurt.
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time for weather. now here's a loo . it is not raining, but there is a damp feel, not really a clear scan on the radar. the forecast today, calling for the clouds to be around and the temperatures to remain steady. it is 55, up to 56 for the afternoon and maybe a shower overnight and maybe a shower and still ahead this monday morning, the mystery surrounding the death of natalie wood. we will take you inside the "48 hours" vegs that led police to open up the case. a number of republican candidates got quite ridiculous over a forum on sunday. we will take you there. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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significant developments in the middle east over the weekend. the death toll continues to rise in egypt where the latest round of demonstrations have killed 20 people since saturday. >> elizabeth palmer is in cairo and she reports now with the latest. >> reporter: all mornings demonstrators skirmished with egyptian police who lobbed tear gas and fired rubber bullets. many of the protesters are young activists who accuse egypt's military of hanging on to power and dragging its feet on compromised democratic reform. others, though are professionals. furious that nothing has changed since the great uprising in the very same tahrir square ten months ago that toppled egypt's president. this man taking refuge from the tear gas works at the stock
7:20 am
exchange. why are you here? what do you want? >> because i want freedom. i want the police not again catch and shooting and kill people, no no, no! no again. >> reporter: over the weekend soldiers joined police in a battle of thousands of egyptians. in replay of scenes from the uprising this spring the injured and the dead were treated at make-shift field hospitals which sprang up around tahrir square. today, there's a standoff in the square between protesters and security forces each waiting for the other to make a move. in syria, a second country in the arab world where they are edging closer to civil war new opposition videos support to show security forces continuing to attack protesters. they claim they are unarmed and only one democratic form. not says the president assad who defend his government's crackdown in a rare interview.
7:21 am
>> we are talking about militants. whenever you have militants, you have killing. so the road of the government is to fight those militants in order to restore the civility and to protect the civilians. >> reporter: both in syria and here in egypt, government claims like that ring hollow. in tahrir square behind me things have now calmed down. the military government has reiterated it will hand over power to a civilian government but the protesters are still occupying the square waiting for security forces to make the next move. blijs palmer cbs news cairo. still to come she is just 21 but taylor swift has already left a huge mark on the music industry. she's currently on tour and, oh, accepting awards. >> she is doing pretty well. ahead, we will show you some special back stage footage of her concerts. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. announcer: this portion of "the
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. it is 25 minutes after 8:00. there is the fog on the east shore. sharron has traffic after weather. >> you can see the sky getting a bit brighter, it will be a great day, there is the reflection on the harbor, it is a mild morning, i think that will be my weather headline -- mild and humid. the temperatures right at the day time high, in the mid 50s fa and -- now and mild and keeping it mild, in the mid 50s with maybe a period of rain. a look at the traffic -- >> we have an accident, it is
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really busy, an accident at 97 and another one at hawkins and one on 725 and we are still looking at three accidents in the city, and we have the disabled vehicles and fire activity on the city at lee hand. here is a slow spot, there is a look at the roads, this is brought to you by papa john's. will don't forget the raven's topping, for every raven's touchdown, you get an extra topping and double with a win. the head start program in baltimore city will be closed
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and kent is delayed because of the fog and another delay because of power outages. the trial will start jury selection in the case of the twin brothers accused of setting a pit bull on fire that later had to be put down. >> this case got a lot of media action, in may of 2009, the dog was burned dough badly she had to be euthanized. one hold out in that last trial caused the hung jury e. she said she could not be sure about the guilt. new evidence has a tape showing the two running from the scene of the crime. and the police said injuries are not life threatening after a small plane
7:28 am
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♪ welcome back to "the early show." half past the hour. i'm yil, along witherica hill, along with jeff glor. chris is off today. monday morning of thanksgiving week. crept up on us. coming up, a lot of people talking about what happened at nascar season's finale last night. not about tony stewart's win but how the crowd reacted to first lady michelle obama and the vice president's wife jill biden. some booed them when they showed up to honor military troops and their families and more on that controversy straight ahead here. the continuing mystery surrounding the denial of natalie wood. the actress drowned in the waters off southern california 30 years ago this month. on friday, the l.a. sheriff's
7:31 am
department reopened the investigation into her death. in 1981 the coroner ruled the drowning was an accident saying she somehow fell off the yacht. >> but an extensive investigation by "48 hours mystery mystery" and "vanity fair" magazine. dennis davern the boat's captain. he has been looking into the mystery. >> it took two hours for someone to call the island and say someone is missing from our boat. it took over four hours to call the kofged the coast guard. >> reporter: marilyn wane claims she heard cries for help. >> i heard a woman calling for help. help me, somebody please help me, i'm drowning. we called harbor patrol several times, no one ever answered. at 11:25, call for help ceased.
7:32 am
that was the beginning of the nightmare. >> they found her floating in the water, wearing a red down jacket, socks, and a flannel nightgown in a way almost as if she was standing up in the water. >> reporter: roger smith, the paramedic, who took natalie wood's body to shore, claims that her fingers were still pliable and rigor mortis had not yet in. >> i think she was in life. with owner equipment and expertise, we would have found area and she would still be alive today. i'm still having a problem with it 30 years later. >> at that time, there was no sign of foul play in my mind. i was the detective for the l.a. county sheriff's bureau homicide bureau and i was assigned the natalie wood case. >> reporter: the detective says wagner and davern told nearly
7:33 am
identical stories back then. >> natalie went to go to bed. robert wagner, he went to check and he found her missing. >> reporter: but davern now says he stuck to that story because wagner demanded he say nothing, if questioned. >> robert wagner was very serious about having the stories being the same, to eliminate any investigation. >> reporter: davern says wagner was concerned about his image and didn't want it known there will be trouble aboard the splen splendour. >> he said it happened during the travel due to the rough seas. >> reporter: but wagner's stories changed in his 2008 memory wire. the shattered wine bottle was no longer the rough seas but an argument over wagner and walken over natalie's career. >> now i've heard he changed his story a little uncomfortable
7:34 am
with it because at the time i believed him. i'm not going to change my mind about what happened. the story still shows she accidentally drowned. >> now the l.a. sheriff said on friday woods death is still considered an accident and also said robert wagner is not a suspect. since the initial ruling still stands at this time there are no suspects. the hollywood reporter however says christopher walken has hired a lawyer in connection with the case. >> one of the things it doesn't take much to reopen the investigation but does take a lot to actually bring a set of charges. >> that' . good morning. it is a very, very warm and humid day start. we are looking at the temperatures right now in the mid 50s and the forecast today calling for a high temperature in basically the mid 50s, maybe up a degree or so. mostly cloudy, not a ton
7:35 am
up next an emotional appearance in iowa over the weekend for six of the gop presidential candidates. we will see why several of them were moved to tears, prompting the missouri modernator to say, "i feel like dr. phil." you're watching "the early show" on cbs. @ oderator to say, "i feel like dr. phil." you're watching "the early show" on cbs. what am i thankful for? being the star of this feast. who else is so, fruity, sweet and colorful. who's this turkey? edible arrangements bouquets beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious. visit, call, or go to
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♪ a softer more emotional side of the republican presidential contenders over the weekend. many gathered in iowa. >> political correspondent jan crawford is in washington with more. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. there was a lot of emotion and drama. it was kind of incredible saturday night. grown men reduced to tears on stage and it wasn't because they couldn't remember the right answer and one of the main front runners who just skipped the whole thing. mitt romney spent his weekend with lots of people who like him in new hampshire, where he is the leading gop contender. >> one more. what do you say? >> reporter: but in iowa romney was a no show.
7:39 am
that's where six of the republican presidential candidates met for a religious forum that turned personal and emotional. >> i was diagnosed with stage iv cancer. >> reporter: the tears started when herman cain described his battle against cancer. >> before my wife and i were about to get in the car, i said, "i can do this." she said "we can do this." >> the tears continued as rick santorum talked about his disabled daughter. >> to not love her like i did because it wouldn't hurt as much if i lost her. >> reporter: then newt gingrich joined in. >> i want a country that cares about every life at that depth. that is what next year is all about. >> reporter: with all of the tears from the men, there was michele bachmann stoic. >> i just want to say how grateful and thankful i am for my parents. >> reporter: two polls show
7:40 am
texas congressman ron paul gaining support in iowa even those his positions on some of the issues are at odds with much of the republican base. sunday on "face the nation," paul was asked about past statements suggesting the u.s. played a role in causing the 9/11 attacks. >> we didn't cause it. the average american didn't cause it but if you have a flawed policy, it may influence it. >> jan, in terms of this conference over the weekend, rick santorum said that one of the reasons he felt mitt romney wasn't there because he wouldn't feel comfortable at the conference. how much influence do evangelicals have on this election coming up in terms of the gop as a whole? >> reporter: well, they certainly have a lot of influence in that key state of iowa where voters will start going to the polls less than six weeks away. you've got i think the latest show 37% a des moines registered poll of people there identify
7:41 am
themselves as evangelicals. the forum was tailor made for the key constituency in iowa which is a first state, a big state. >> gives us a sense in iowa. i want to talk about mitt romney and bring in john dickerson. a lot of stuff written about mitt romney. bill riley writing he is the -- candidate. and anything but the mitt romney phenom. he sort has been laying low and seems like he is playing it safe. could he be playing it too safe? he never seems to rise in the poll even when some of the other candidates rise and fall back down? >> right. what bill crystal was saying that he is avoidable, meaning the republicans can go find some other candidate. you're right. mitt romney has played is conservative this time around showing perhaps some experience from having done it last time. and -- but he has kind of stayed steady while other candidates have come up and come down.
7:42 am
the thinking is among romney's fans is that as voters start to focus on the attributes you need for a president, the person they want to look at and see in the oval office that he does very well. when you ask voters who they think did can beat barack obama, they pick mitt rom nenney and who you think could be commander in chief they pick him. in a year people are worried about the economy he has a good resume for. that's where a lot of republicans despite the shifting that voters might end up coming back to mitt romney. >> what about newt gingrich rising? a little bit of a stumble. there were some issues, of course, last week with his ties to freddie mac. how consistent do you think he could be right now? could he continue this rise? >> well, he is sharing the nonmitt romney spot at the moment that has been shared with bachmann and perry and cain and he is here in new hampshire today and romney has been here the last four days and romney has been campaign you about not in iowa where gingrich has some
7:43 am
strength. the question now is whether gingrich's past and the debates over his past freddie mac and stewardship as speaker of the house whether that is something people want to relive and when they think about and look at his past, whether they think, okay, well that is fine but we still like him. he's at the sort of beginning of his hot phase. he just got to see if he can last longer than all of those other nonmitt romney candidates. >> at the beginning of his hot phase he says. when someone tends to rise in the poll there tend more tax on them. >> reporter: well, yes. we have certainly seen that the last couple of weeks he has moved up and the scrutiny has increased at the same time. he says expect more of it. i've been in the public life a long time and a lot of things that people can write about me so he is trying to set expectations high for voters that, yeah, more to come out on him. he also, i think is someone who has always played this role of the wise elder sage so that is what you're seeing now and saw it on stage saturday night and a
7:44 am
new web video coming out saying i was right about the super committee. he kind of speaks with his confidence. danger for him is whether these stories we are now starting to see kinds of tarnish people's view of him and whether or not he comes across as arrogant. >> jan just mentioned the super committee. john, over the weekend, mitt romney mentioned it as well. when we look at what is not happening in washington are there any of these candidates you can point to who may have a chance of making something happen in washington, of bringing perhaps some functional functionality back to the capital? >> no. but that -- no. that is short of any of them that might have some wiedardzardry in their back pocket. the point is that washington is thoroughly broken. the only thing pressure lawmakers there is if the markets and economy goes even further the doldrums and that might finally move some folks to act in washington but i think no candidate has the power to change the complete dysfunction in washington. >> john dickerson and jan
7:45 am
crawford, appreciate it. thank you. just ahead, rupert murdoch's empire back in the cross-hairs this morning. they are investigating into the phone-hacking investigation we saw in the uk. more we learned the more disturbing it was. >> and we learn more from london coming up. this 50-inch 1080p tv, $499.99. craftsman c3 drill, just $39.99. real deals. real savings. sears. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] the newest seasonal flavors are here. ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] because coffee is like the holidays. ♪ oh, do it ♪ [ female announcer ] it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle. [ female announcer ] we all want cleaner laundry. we all want fewer chemicals. all free clear oxi-active. a free clear detergent that's tough on stains and gentle on skin. try all free clear oxi-active.
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7:48 am
♪ a little bit of a controversial moment at nascar season finale over the weekend. >> it didn't involve charges of cheating or an accident. instead, it was the way that first lady michelle obama and jill biden were received by the crowd. take a listen. >> first lady of the united states michelle obama and dr. jill biden as they deliver the most famous words in motor sports. >> gentlemen, start your engines. >> you hear some boos there. some cheers. a little bit of a mix and there has been some talk about the
7:49 am
boos that happened there. not the first time it happened. at other sporting events it's happened as well. not everybody always happy but they were there as part of their joining forces initiative to highlight military families. >> yes, they were there and they have heard it before and likely hear it again no matter what side of the aisle you're on. >> the beauty of politics. >> driver tony stewart made history. all sorts of setbacks and charged from the back twice. he broke a streak of fi championships by jimmie johnson. >> a.j. foyt called it the best race. not too shabby. he becomes the first nascar owner/driver to win it all in nearly 20 years. congratulations. more to come just ahead. of whole milk. want to cut back on fat and not compromise on taste? try smart balance fat free milk. it's what you'd expect from the folks at smart balance. ♪ ugh... ugh... ♪
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as long as it's grands!, i'm good. [ female announcer ] grands! holiday ideas made easy. . it is five minutes before 8:00. that is a pretty picture -- some fog left out there, mostly cloudy skies and maybe some showers passing by today. up to 56, a better chance of a shower tonight. the high tomorrow is 55. over to our traffic control, good morning. >> good morning. if you are heading out, we are doing slightly better rings but a lot of problems on the major roads, 95 north bound, the ramp to south bound 95 is partly
7:56 am
blocked. watch for an accident with a motor cycle and the outside outer loop, one accident at 895 and one more at liberty road, the spodes on the beltway, there is a look at 83. don't forget the raven's for toppings from papa john's. that is double the toppings with a win, too. the morning fog delays and the head start program closed to students today and the baltimore district is operating on a two-hour delay pause of a power outage. more on the second animal cruel tea trial of the twin
7:57 am
brothers. >> the potential jurors expected to arrive here, a pit bull was set on fire and burned so badly that she had to be euthanized. the first trial ended in february, one hold out was not sure of that guilt and now a new witness will cast doubt on the video that showed them running from the dog. the members of new york's occupy wall street movement spent the night camped out at the harbor, walking from manhattan and heading to washington d.c. stay with us, up next, some tips for your holiday travel this week and how many americans will suffer from hearing loss at some point in their lives -- ;a
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
swallowing my pride. standing in front of you saying i'm sorry for that night ♪ >> taylor swift. featured on "60 minutes" last night and also a huge winner at last night's american music awards taking home artist of the year. she is currently on tour. a huge expensive production. still ahead we will take you back stage to take a look at how that is put together. welcome back to "the early show." i'm jeff glor along with erica hill. chris wragge is off today. he may the be prince charming but perhaps not in a conventional way but he is a u.s. marine just back from afghanistan who worked up the nerve -- i don't know. i think he was actually pretty confident when you watch the
8:01 am
youtube video. he asked hold star mila kunis to the ball. scott smith is with us this morning to tell us about the friday night date with the movie star. >> and going on a date with taylor swift next. no. >> life is good. in london powerful testimony at a hearing looking into the widespread hacking by british tabloids. >> hollywood celebrities are set to testify. cbs news correspondent mark phillips is in london with the latest this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. plenty of celebrities testifying and complaining here at this inquiry as it goes on over the next couple of weeks. but it is the tragic story of what happened to one young girl that turned britain's hacking scandal into a national outrage. and it also caused this inquiry, which may well change the rules, as to how the media operate here. ♪ >> reporter: millidowe dowler was
8:02 am
a teenager. her parents overcome with worry. her case was made worse when the murdoch family owned "news of the world" began hacking into her cell phone voice mail listening to and deleting messages. her parents have told of the heartbreak they suffered because of the false hope the activity in millie's phone account caused them. they thought she was still alive when in fact she had been murdered. >> i rang her phone. >> yes. >> and it clicked through on to her voice mail so i heard her voice. >> yes. >> and i was -- it was just like -- she's picked up her voice mails! she's' live. >> reporter: the dowler family is the first to testify. >> as soon as i was told it was about phone-hacking, literally, i didn't sleep for about three nights because you'll replay everything in your mind and just thinking that makes sense now. that makes sense. >> reporter: following then hugh grant who has been outspoken in his outrage of how the woman with whom he has had a child has
8:03 am
been pursued by the press. the murdoch's have been forced to close the offending newspaper and how sorry they are. >> i was appalled to find out what had happened. >> reporter: but contrition can only go so far here and still an argument raging as to how much the murdoch's knew. what this inquiry is doing is giving a human voice and face to the outrage that the misery and the hacking caused. jeff? >> mark phillips thanks very much. as this inquiry gets joined we are joined in london this morning by mark lewis who is the attorney for the dowler family. mr. lewis good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> what are you hoping to get out of this? >> well, i think, one, it was looking at what had happened -- what had happened in the past. the dowler's needed a full explanation of what had gone on but also there was wanting to find out how the press is going to be regulated in the future.
8:04 am
what the press has been talking about is to have avoid state regulation which everybody agrees should be avoided, but what they are saying is present regulation under called the complaint commission is fine but in reality no regulation at all. the chairman has had a -- lord hunt said it wasn't a regulator so going for a free for all. >> you're looking for some sort of regulation. mark is the hacking going on as far as you know still? >> there is no suggestion it's going on but the behavior of the press is still something that can be seen. even last week when it was lord justice leverson started the inquiry and was hearing from representatives, people who soon will be giving about press conduct, were chased across the road by photographers, intermediate intrusively getting
8:05 am
into taxi cabs. i took photographers to show what they were doing and they seemed oblivious how to behave. >> mark, you also have been hacked? >> it seems that way. i was told that i was hacked. i've certainly been trailed, i've been notified by the police that i had private detectives working for the "news of the world" newspaper following me and following my child who is 14. my youngest daughter who was 14 at the time she was intermediate going into a garden film. my ex-wife has been followed. outrageous behavior and almost trying to frighten the lawyers. >> mark how is the dowler family doing? >> the dowler family i think it was almost a cathartic experience today to hear what they had been going through. you could hear a pin drop in the room when sally dowler explands when she found out, she had three sleepless nights and playing everything she heard
8:06 am
nine years earlier, when tragically millie was murdered. >> mark lewis, joining us from london, we will watch that story and appreciate your time. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. terrell brown is over at the news desk with a check of other headlines we are following on this monday. good morning. >> good morning to you. home-grown terrorist is held without bail charged with plotting to bomb targets in new york. jose pimentel was arraigned last night. police say he planned to bomb police stations and post offices and troops returning from iraq and ofg. police demonstrated the bomb he was allegedly building. new york's mayor said he acted alone. >> the suspect was a so-called lone wolf, motivated by his own resentment of the presence of american troops in iraq and afghanistan, as well as inspired by al qaeda propaganda. >> prosecutors say when he was arrested pimentel was hours away from carrying out his plot.
8:07 am
the so-called congressional super committee is expected to admit that it is deadlocked. the 12 lawmakers haven't been able to reach an agreement on $1.2 trillion in federal deficit reductions to trigger across the board budget cuts in 2013. the chancellor of university of california-davis hopes to calm her campus today. two campus police officers pepper sprayed students. cbs news correspondent ben tracy has the story. >> don't shoot students! >> reporter: as the chants of don't shoot students began, police did just that. shooting pepper spray into the faces of huddled protesters at the university of california-davis. the students were part of the larger occupy movement railing against everything from big banks to tuition increases. the uc-davis chancellor promises an investigation of the police response. >> it's very unexpected and very sad and really very abruptly, i
8:08 am
would say. >> reporter: but students wanted to be clear, storming her news conference and cutting it off. >> i'm sorry, i think we have to stop it now. the students i think want to have their own press conference outside. >> reporter: the occupy movement was on the move in new york city this weekend. determines marched toward billionaire michael bloomberg's townhouse and they are angry the mayor allowed police to shut down their encampment in lower manhattan. many are questioning the police response to protesters in places like portland where a 20-year-old woman had a baton held to her throat and got a face full of pepper spray. >> it was just burning, like it felt like my face my ears my hands were on fire. >> reporter: back at uc-davis students continued their protest in silence as the chancellor made a very long walk to her car. two of the police officers who used the pepper spray are now on administrative leave. ben tracy, cbs news los angeles. and forecasters are warning
8:09 am
of severe weather today in the southern plains. heavy rain will spread across texas, oklahoma and western arkansas, as intense storms come together this afternoon. they could bring hail wind gusts over 60 miles per hour and possibly tornadoes. now here . good morning. it is pretty much grairks not a lot of sun for pretty much any of you. a light shower, every once in a while -- announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by daisy brand sour cream. a dollop of daisy makes recipes naturally delicious! up next no longer a sign of
8:10 am
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real deals. real savings. sears. ♪ in today's healthwatch, new research says hearing loss is becoming one of the most common physical conditions after arthritis and heart disease. researchers say as many as 1 in 56 americans had have moderate to severe hearing loss at some point in their lives. with us is dr. travis stork, co-host of "the doctors." doctor, good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm well. no scrub this morning? >> no scrubs today so i'm breaking out the suited. >> looking good regardless here. a lot of this, we hear about is because of the use of ear buds mp-3s and ipods and a is that part of the reason? >> the study didn't look at why we have increased hearing loss but i do think that certainly with technology ask the fact take that in a younger age we
8:14 am
are putting the ear buds in and listening to them for extended periods of time. they can be really loud. this is certainly playing a role and we need to pay attention to it now before it's too late because hearing loss is progressive. the louder the noise are the early the age the hearing loss will start. >> what should we be looking out for, indicators? >> the hardest thing you may have hearing loss but you won't recognize it. you may have some ringing in your ears that is certainly a concern. if you noticed in conversations, all of a sudden, everything is must have muffled or maybe the tv is on and you have to turn it up a little bit to hear what is going on, those are signs it's time to see an audiologist and get your hearing checked. i can't emphasize enough it may be your spouse it may be someone who loves you and says honey, are you hearing me as well as you used to? because we tend to be stubborn and we don't want to admit we are losing some of our hearing. >> i thought you were going to
8:15 am
say it was the spouse in our ear screaming. >> possibly. >> this is common sense sense the very loud rock concert or doing this stuff in moderation here? >> it is. and everyone has to remember that sounds are mechanical forces. when they hit our eardrum, it is moving our eardrum. the loud the sound the further the eardrum is moving. let's say it's a rock concert up to 120 descibelscibelsdecibels. even if you're mowing the yard your lawn mower for an hour or two hours can produce 90 plus decibels. that can cause hearing damage. so if you're going to wear earbuds i would use the noise canceling ones and you don't have to turn them up as loud. if you're at a rock concert, don't stand next to -- >> or use ear plugs. i know it might dampen the experience but you have to think long term. >> true. >> we want to talk about kids a little bit. are there signs when people
8:16 am
might watch out for if their kids are having some sort of hearing loss or hearing issue? >> certainly if they are not paying attention to you when you call their name and they are not responding to it. the good news a lot of pediatricians when kids are certainly younger will do hearing tests. if you notice your kids aren't turning to you and responding to your voice, that could be a sign of hearing loss. >> antido take them to the megadeath concert. >> not a good call. >> dr. travis stork, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> are they still around? >> they are. up next, interested in a vacation deal or maybe a gasoline gift card with a 90% discount? i'll take one, please. both are available during what is known as the dead week for travel after thanksgiving. we will help you find those and a few more margins when "the early show" continues. >> i think they are still around. announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by tums. fights heartburn fast. nnouncer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪
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8:19 am
this thanksgiving over last year. of course, there is always one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. >> one of the most expensive if you've ever tried to travel. >> crazy. >> the period is after thanksgiving is known as a dead week in the travel business and travel editor peter greenberg is here with tips on great deals you can get. >> starting this friday actually. and, of course, the week after new year's is the second dead week of the year. nobody is flying. you can go bowling on the planes at that point. >> what are we looking for out there? >> start with a cruise for example. if you go on a cruise a week from today a five night cruise going to the caribbean and honduras and cozumel, it works out to $46 a day. >> let's go. >> you can't wake up in bayonne, new jersey for that. that includes three meals and a -- >> bayonne is lovely this time
8:20 am
of year. >> later on december 3rd pops up to $66 a night. who are you kidding? >> it's still a pretty good deal. >> right. >> they think of black friday and cybermoney as retail deals but travel deals as well on the big shopping days. >> it starts this friday as well. if you register this week on thursday they will let you know about a 12-hour sale only this friday on black friday with 90% off gas cards and 90% off on las vegas shows. 90% off on airline gift cards. it's a 12-hour sale. >> wait, wait, wait. i buy the online gift card and i can use that on any airline and the flight is 90%? >> it's a face value card that's right. but only a 12-hour sale. you have to register right now. >> any other deals we can buy now and use later maybe summer next year? >> yes, they are doing a love he of those. if you book in the next week and a half they give you 25% off for four nights through next july.
8:21 am
not bad. >> so many plans we can make here. >> there are. what about deals for families if you're looking for book that further out? >> again a resort company called shell resorts and 23 different resorts in the united states and canada and mexico. they will give you huge discounts again, if you have to take a family. >> if you have to take the family? i like the way you phrase that. >> if you have to take the family. >> well, hello! >> do we have to take our kids jeff? >> the bottom line is if you can actually plan your trip according toly withly with your family, if you go a week after thanksgiving the savings would be 30% across the board. >> speaking of thanksgiving. if you haven't booked a flight yet, are you -- >> out of luck? -- completely out of luck? >> if you look at thanksgiving like i do a object biglig i'll stit still get to where you need to
8:22 am
go and on friday morning, you fly home when everybody else is stuck on the freeway going to the mall when nobody is flying on friday. huge discounts. the weekend comes back to you. you own the weekend. you can sit home and watch as much bad football as you want. >> yet you have still done your duty so nobody can get mad at you for not showing up. >> you have done your chore. >> that is the hard part is getting the time off for a lot of folks. difficult. nice a few deals are popping up. you can book for later. >> especially the ones that go through july next year. if you don't ask, you don't get. on the upon deal register now. >> wareto check out these deals and many more go to >> what is the etiquette when you parachute? we will take a look.
8:23 am
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. we have some rays of sun, but don't get too excited, a shower is trying to creep into the area of carol county. here is a look, i don't think we will see a lot of rain, the showers will come in tonight and there are the showers and let's head over to traffic control. >> if you are heading out,
8:26 am
plenty of problems, north bound, that is on the ramp from the avenue, south bound, it is partly blocked and an accident blocking a right lane and another one at east bound at 97 with a motor cycle. one more in phoenix, that is at cooper road, there is a the speeds and a live look at 83 and watch for a 20-minute set back near 28th street. this is traffic brought to you by papa john's -- . some schools are operating on a one-hour dehey because of
8:27 am
fog. the us corp of engineers is operating on a two-hour delay. good morning, the potential jurors are expected to arrive at court this morning and asked if they have opinions about this pit bull case where a bulldog was burned so badly that she had to be euthanized. in february, the trial ended in a hung jury reafter one juror could not say there was signature evidence to show that they were guilty. a man killed in a double homicide and what happen in the district after that. more tips on how to stay
8:28 am
stress free in the holiday season and a marine that got to take an actress to ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now, get a safeway frozen turkey 8 to 24 lbs, for just 58 cents a pound. cook your thanksgiving turkey perfectly with our free chef assistant app. it's foolproof. safeway. ingredients for life. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price online -- just $79.99 a month for two years with a 2 year agreement. it's an amazing holiday deal. but don't wait. it's only available for a limited time. so go to to sign up.
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welcome back to "the early show." i'm jeff glor, along with erica hill. chris wragge is off today. this morning, we are taking you back stage as taylor swift road crew sets up for a show on her current 76-city world tour and they are here in new york tonight. it takes a lot of skill and coordination and plenty of hard work. the results, though, as you will see, pretty impressive. >> one of nicole's favorites. taylor swift would be enough glamour but more this morning. one of the hollywood's rising stars goes on a date with a u.s. marine. this week, mila kunis attended a
8:31 am
ball in north carolina. we will talk with scott moore who got his lucky date. >> a nice guy. >> he is. the stress level ramps up with the holidays whether keeping peace at your family gathering or choosing the right gift. >> digital technology playing an increasing role in our lives adds a new element to the list of things that can go wrong at thanksgiving opinion joining us with a new article on holiday techiquette is heather cabot. let's talk about smart phones at the dinner table at the thanksgiving dinner. i have my phone out here. you just hid yours. >> i have it under here. we are not sitting at a dinner table. >> but this is a table. >> yes, you would think that people would say, no it's not appropriate. frankly, 63% of people told us that it's inappropriate to have your smart phone at the thanksgiving table. but just playing devil's advocate here. what if you're skyping with people who can't be at your thanksgiving? what if you're taking a photo of
8:32 am
your beautiful table to send to your mother who can't be with us and you want to show her the turkey? >> you still don't need it there the entire dinner. >> true, true. you never know. i tweeted this last night to ask people what they thought. somebody said it shouldn't be there, but once uncle ken talks about his hernia all bets are off. we live in a new age now. >> indeed, we do. when it comes to speaking of a new age, re-gifting. it used to be frowned upon by some people. let's be honest. you get a lot of things you don't need and in this economy, is it okay? >> 40% of people told us they think it's perfectly acceptable to re-gift something or return a gift if it's something you can't use. we asked this in an open-ended way so people would respond and one person actually was candid and said, you know one person's trash is another person's treasure and if i can't use it i might as well pass it on. it's ecofriendly if you think about it. >> if you look at it that way. you're giving us lots of good excuses to keep the smart phones and out and re-gift.
8:33 am
what about pricing on gifts. how much are people paying? >> i think this is a real tough one. the question that we asked was is it appropriate to buy an expensive gift for someone that you've just been seeing for a few weeks? so should you buy pricier gift? it's tough. >> if it's been a few weeks, yes. >> most people said less than half 41% of people told us you know what? wait on buying the expensive gift. maybe wait a few more weeks and see what happens. >> okay. you know me long enough you can buy me a really expensive gift. it's fine. >> i have a bunch of them already. >> awesome. going back to keeping the phone on the table, to take those pictures during dinner, when you're at an event and you take pictures, people post them and they don't always ask or they will tag you in a photo without asking. is that okay? >> we asked people is it appropriate to specifically is it appropriate to post photos of your family without asking and which comes up a lot at holiday gatherings because you have your phone there and even if it's not
8:34 am
at the table but the phone is there and you're excited and you want to post some pictures. only 15% of the people that we polled said that it was proomt appropriate and that was even among people between 18 and 34 agreed it's not appropriate. you should always ask. >> a big no-no. the kids definitely -- >> i don't like pictures posted. >> i don't either. you have location embedded in there there are safety concerns as well. important to ask. we asked is it able to post photos of the holiday office party if everybody is drinking. across the board, 63% of the people said it's not appropriate. interestingly enough the majority of people who said it was inappropriate were the older people, people over 50 and i'm guessing those are the bosses so you don't want to get fired. >> if you ever have a question assume, if you're wondering, you probably know like you shouldn't post it or ask someone. >> i'm with you but, you know. >> hearth nice to see you. you're welcome by the way, for not posting those at the bar on
8:35 am
the table. >> those were awful photos. >> hanging from a lamp shade. terrell brown is over at the news desk with another check of our headlines in the morning. good morning. >> good morning to you both. a released economic forecast doesn't see another recession in the immediate future for the u.s. but not enough growth to make much of a dent in the unemployment rate. the national association for business economics predicts the economy will grow 2.4% next year, a slight improvement over the 1.8% expected this year. vatican announced today that cardinal bernard law has resigned from a prominent post there. he was forced out in a 2002 sexual abuse scandal. his latest appointments drew harsh criticism. in egypt the death toll is growing. determines press their demands for the military government to give up power. egyptian official says at least 24 people killed since the clashes between protesters and riot police began this weekend. most of the deaths were in
8:36 am
cairo. organizers of the phil marathon said they were deeply saddened by the death of two runners yesterday. the race began with 25,000 runners a quarter mile from the finish line a 40-year-old man collapsed and died as did a 21-year-old california man shortly after crossing the finish line. both suffered apparent heart attacks. good news for holiday travelers. the price of gas is going down dropping 6 cents in the last week. aaa says the national average for a gallon of regularself serve is now $3.35. the same gallon costs $3.41 just last week. a tropical storm in the eastern pacific may strengthen into a hurricane ken death today. it has winds 65 miles an hour as it moves away from the west coast of mexico. 700 miles south of cabo san lucas. kenneth is not expected to hit land. now here's a l
8:37 am
. good morning. it will not be that sunny, a shower trying to come into the area. the temperatures steady, actress mila kunis made good on her promise to attend the marine corps ball over the weekend. she was invited to the event in june by the creative coringus scott moore via youtube. here is that clip. >> hey mila. sergeant moore but you can call me scott. i want to take a moment out of my day to invite to you the marine corps ball on november 18th in greenville, north carolina, with yours truly. take a second and think about it and get back to me. all right. bye now. >> i love it. >> we all love it. that clip by the way, has been seen by more than 4 million
8:38 am
people at this point. sergeant moore just returned from afghanistan. he joins us here in the studio. because mila kunis did make good on her promise. how many times have you seen that clip, by the way? >> i've watched it several times myself. >> i bet so. >> it's simple direct clearly effective. >> yes, yeah. it was actually the second take and i think we did pretty good. >> yeah. >> we only had one take at the ball with mila. how did it go? >> it went very well. couldn't have gone better. a very good time. >> what is very good time translate to? what was she like and what did you talk about? >> she was very down to earth. eager to learn everything that was going on. there's a lot going on. so got a good time to explain everything to her. >> speaking of learning. i mean, so one of the reasons the ball is held or the primary reason is mark the year the marines were founded in 1775 so she got to learn a little bit, right? >> absolutely. we celebrate it every year around this time frame, november 10th or as close as we can get
8:39 am
all around the world, whether you're in afghanistan, north carolina california and same type of ceremony everywhere you go. >> involved in that ceremony too, you're also taking time, very importantly, to remember friends and fellow marines you have lost. you wanted to prepare her for this. it wasn't just a dance where you show up and you look nice one night. what did you tell her about prior to the ball about what would happen? >> she had a lot of questions about my uniform and what to expect as far as the ceremony and i explained to her that this year was extremely important to us and memorable to us because of the seven marines and sailors that we lost during our deployment. it was very important to express that to her. >> and you felt like she got all that that she was asking a lot of questions about all that at least? >> yes. i hope so. it was a lot to take in for her, i'm sure but i hope i did a good job. >> you picked her up around 5:00
8:40 am
or 5:30 and the ball started at 6:00ish or so? you had four or five hours? >> around that. >> what did you dance to? >> i hope you had the time of your life. >> as in "dirty dancing "? >> yes. >> did you pick her up? >> this uniform is not as mobile as you might think. >> a little stiff. did you dance to fast songs? did you request anything? >> obviously it wasn't a lot of dancing. it was important for me to invite her and show her all of the marines, my friends, and some of the guys who were wounded out there. i wanted to introduce her to a lot of really good people who made a lot of sacrifices. >> i'm sure a lot of people wanted to talk to her too. >> yes. >> how was she with everybody else? you're pretty into this. i mean, on a very serious level. >> yes. she was interested in everything that was going on the ceremony the cake-cutting ceremony the reason behind everything the history, which is a lot of history going on in that marine corps ball. >> you were the first one to ask, by the way, right?
8:41 am
you asked mila before someone else asked justin timberlake. >> yes, sir. >> even though -- >> just to set the record straight. you were the first one to have the idea. >> yes. >> it sounds like you guys had a great time. thanks for coming in. >> will you talk to her again? >> i will see. we promised to keep in touch. >> do you have her number? >> i do not. >> some way to get in touch with her. >> absolutely. >> let us know. a pleasure to have you on this morning and thank you for your service. >> thank you, scott. still to come this morning, she is the artist of the year. >> we are going to hear more from taylor swift's revealing profile in "60 minutes" last night. we will be right back. you're watching "the ear;a
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ among the more than 40 million people expected to travel this week for thanksgiving, many of them will be couples visiting each other's families and some thought maybe a little advice to help you with that fun holiday you have on hand. >> yeah. our he said/she said guest this
8:44 am
morning is dr. logan levkoff author of "how to get your wife to have sex with you." and relationship expert matt titus, author of "why hasn't he called? "good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> erica big question to start. the limit ÷ r a lot of people go into this thinking it's going to be rough and take a drink to take the edge off. probably wise to give yourself a limit so you don't do something stupid. >> or have some bread first, maybe? >> no. >> a glass of water? >> do you think the more loaded the better? >> driving is always an issue. but two drink maximum, okay? and then after you're there for an hour, have another one and every hour after, have another one. that's how you space it out and you will not be driving drunk. >> that's how you win friends. >> i was going to say if you get drunk your family or partner's family will remember it for the rest of your relationship together and hold it against you indefinitely. >> and may remember it afterwards. >> not if everyone is hammered. >> remember matt? he was hammered!
8:45 am
>> i was overly affectionate one time at the dinner table and my father still reminds me. remember the time? >> were you making out? >> no! come on! >> women can't stand the holidays. they should hang on and work on the travel finances and manage the rug rats. that's what men need to do. >> rug rats? >> hear the kids all day long? >> just for the travel. >> really? >> you look like a superstar. i'm telling you. >> wow. >> it goes beyond travel. >> i mean, we want you to really like make an effort. we don't really want you to buy the gifts because it reflects poorly on us. >> we are bad at wrapping too. >> not bad at wrapping. we want you to pretend you're interested and we want the control of it. >> that's why we have to drink. >> there you go. >> done. >> we have just solved the worlds's problems. we have answered all of your questions. >> football? what are the football rules?
8:46 am
>> football etiquette. >> can you clear the table? can you just bring the plates to the kitchen? >> if we clear the table, then we can watch football? >> if it's my house i don't want you in the kitchen. do your own thing and make an effort to clear the table but then when i'm done then i'm going to hang out and you get to take care of the kids. >> women need to have the meal cooked and finished by kickoff. now if that is not done there is going to be a problem, all right? and everything has to be set up in the man cave so when we get there, we are ready to watch the kickoff. jeff? are you with me? thanks. you impress. i love it. >> jeff is a happily married man with a lovely wife. >> and he wants to stay that way. >> he wants to keep it that way. >> okay, all right. >> how do you deal with the people in the family like if you don't get along with your in-laws or all four of them and cousin matt is there and being
8:47 am
inappropriate again. >> i think you need to prepare some witty rah torics. why aren't you married yet? you just say, i don't think he is the one. >> that's really witty! i will be crying in the bathroom with a bunch of strangers because you don't like me! >> continue to take abuse or do you just -- >> when you're there and -- >> joke about it or do you say something? >> you have terrible in-laws. one is drunk and hot sister can you never have if you're a guy, it's frustrating, right? this is what is happening. you tell yourself you're only there temporarily. it's only a small time. put yourself in a coma and get through it and go to a corner and talk to your favorite relative or a pet. >> i thought you said we weren't supposed to overdrink. >> no, matt just said he is going to get hammered. >> we have to leave it there. >> sad place. >> i want to wish you both a happy thanksgiving. unfortunately, we won't be spending it together, mats. >> i know.
8:48 am
>> bring your flip cams with you. we want to see an edited version of it. >> from the in-laws to music sit girl. really no transition there so we will just go with it. taylor swift was the big winner at the american music awards last night. >> stay in your seats. stay in your seats. >> we won't stall. we won't stall. >> oh. >> taylor swift! >> there you go. top prize, artist of the year. this comes while she is currently on her 76th city worldwide tour. nashville meets hollywood spectacular. promoting her "speak now" album. leslie stahl profiled her. >> a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make taylor swift's megaproduction come together. >> hey i'm taylor swift and my speak now world tour hits the
8:49 am
usa this week. >> reporter: going to l.a. and 23 24 stay over on louisiana 25 and fly to omaha on the 26th. >> this is the third one. hello. i'm happy to be here. lucky to be here. people are dangling off of ropes in the air. it's, you know just a normal day at rehearsal. right now in the last rehearsals for the north american tour. ♪ >> look! sparks! >> reporter: wow. wow! woo. >> this is why i love rehearsal. there is always something like this going on. we are doing pyroday today. this is the first rehearsal we are doing with all of the explosions. i love it all, like i love the whole presentation of it. all of the variables are each fascinating. i mean, and the way you light a
8:50 am
scene, it determines how the audience feels about it. >> reporter: but you even get down to that kind of detail? >> yeah. it's just so much fun. it's like how can you not? >> reporter: do you know how many buses are in your fleet total? >> a lot. >> reporter: a lot? >> a lot of them. >> reporter: but this is where you live? >> yes. >> reporter: okay. show me. >> this is of course the kitchen area. nice fridge. bathroom here. this is sort of a bunk area for if any of my friends. to come. this is where i sleep. this is sort of my bedroom area. >> reporter: this is your bed? >> yeah. it's really cozy and comfortable. these are some pictures of just a lot of fans and shows that we played. >> taylor! yes! >> reporter: to find out when i'm coming to your town go to i'll see you at the show. >> reporter: how come the star doesn't have her own dressing room? >> because it's lonely without people, you know? these are my friends.
8:51 am
so cool to have two girls to get ready with. >> reporter: tell me about, taylor, you're writing on your arm. >> that's something i do usually about five minutes before i go on stage every night. i'll bust out the sharpie and start writing and, man, i messed up. >> reporter: what are you writing? does it change with each show? >> it's different every single night and it's always a lyric of an artist i'm a fan of. it's lyrics to "don't worry baby" by beach boys. because they are from california and i also don't want to worry tonight! we should go out there and sing out songs! go! ♪ i love the little challenges. like the little time crunches where you know you have 18 seconds to change out of the gown into two dresses, come back out on stage, go up on a lift and you have to make that time crunch and you have to do it or else everything is going to get messed up like the pressure is
8:52 am
amazing. ♪ ♪ in front of you saying i'm sorry for that night ♪ ♪ and i go back ♪ >> so hug me. hug me. you hug everybody. >> it just kind of comes naturally. it's just coming i've always done. hey, you! now it's just become something people know and people like -- everybody in my meet and greet line knows like i'm going to hug them when i meet them. >> reporter: you hugged me when we first met. but that's you. >> yeah. it's just something that comes naturally. i just don't think twice about it any more. >> we were just saying the whole family. one of our senior producer is going tonight to the show. we look forward to hearing about it tomorrow. >> you want to go? >> yeah. you got tickets? >> yeah. what is she going to write tonight? i thought it was pretty cool. the beach boys lyrics?
8:53 am
>> i wonder if it's a new york artist tonight. >> we will keep you posted. >> have a great day, everyone. see yo
8:54 am
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that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. . here is a look at weather. we have some showers trying to sneak in, not a lot of rain in the forecast, but there are some light showers, overnight we had rain, a damp feel, it is not really wet and should not be today. a look at the forecast, maybe a passing shower, the mid 50s, but having said that, there will be showers with periods of rain and clearing out on wednesday and then thursday and friday and saturday looking good. in the news this morning, a
8:56 am
second trial will start today for twin brothers, accused of setting a pit bull on fire and here is more on that story. >> the potential jurors are expected to arrive in court this morning and will be asked if they have strong opinions in this case because of the media attention. it was in may of 2009 that a pit bull was set on fire, burned so badly she was euthanized. the trial ended in a hung jury because of one person holding out. now there is evidence of a video with the boys running from the dog. there was a small plane crash last night, about five miles from there, the injuries are not life threatening and they are looking to see if the
8:57 am
pilot over shot the runway. a prisoner was accidently set free, he was being held without bail, but because of a mistake, he posted bond and if you have information about where he is, call the police. and the police have fired charges in a campus robbery after a student was held up at knife point. two men got off with the cash and then after being arrested for similar charges in washington d.c., one bandit was caught and the other is on the loose. and you might be able to get to a new reality show, the new show will be about the workings of southwest airlines and southwest is one of the largest carriers here.
8:58 am
we ask you to stay with us for maryland's news station, news and first morning weather at noon. you will be updated with
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